Creating a Forum

Is it possible to build a Forum using Bubble? I don’t got a lot of money to spend on quality Forum hosting.

I’d strongly recommend looking at They have a free version if you host it yourself and I suspect you could set that up for $10 or $20/mo. Would be great forum software without much time or money.

Of course, you could try to build something similar in Bubble. It’d definitely possible, but it’d take you at least a couple weeks if you already knew Bubble really well. If not, it could easily take a couple months, depending on how many features you want, etc.

For context, even Bubble uses discourse for their forum.


Yeah, I know, I read up on the topic, I am just trying to make the web application I am using more “personal” as I have created everything else using Bubble, I thought I’d might as well learn how to create everything else. :slight_smile:

Who said creating a web application wouldn’t have it’s time-frames :slight_smile: , I just gotta work on that, as well as try and get some other stuff finished before releasing the first version to the public, which that isn’t at the final stage yet.

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