Stuck right at the start


I’m afraid I’ve got stuck right at the start :upside_down_face:. I created an app and named it only to decide to delete it and start with a template however now I can’t use that same name again despite it not existing. Does anyone know how I can get around this?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there, @moriimicroadventures… there is no way to get around that… you can’t create a new app that uses the same name as a deleted app. That being said, it doesn’t matter all that much because I’m sure you are eventually going to put your app on a custom domain, and at that point, the name of the Bubble app will not appear in the URL.


Thank you Mike,
Yes I did think that but I didn’t know if I would only be able to change it to the [name].com but if i can recreate the whole thing that’s perfect.
Thanks for your help

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