Creating a new thing is not conneted to the user signing up?


I’m trying to sign a user up from a sign up form with a few questions, the user data type is basically default but the other information the user subits will be put in a data type called “Owners” and i want to link that data submitted to “Owners” to the user.

In the owner i have the data filed “user” but on the create a new thing… i don’t know how to connect them? I have tired user= Current user → No result, i have tried user = Current user email → No result? When i tried user = Current user unique ID → i have to have some extra variables after?

Can someone guide me into the right direction, this must be an easy fix that I’m completely missing :sweat:

That’s interesting, I didn’t pay attention that there is no option to reference “sign the user up” action with “result of step X” while it is possible for “create an account for someone else”.
I think you can create a custom state to store user email while creating an account. And then use it in Owner creation action, something like do a search for User (email = custom state email):first item

There must be an easier way? People has to do these things on the daily? what am i missing?

It seems nothing has changed from 2017:

So what could you do is:

  1. Make a custom event for user sign up action (to make sure it will perform first and all other actions within the same WF will trigger after sign up action is completed)
  2. in the second action while making a change to/creating Owner: user = current user

This way we should be sure that “current user” will always be the user who signed up in step #1

Yes i tried that but with no sucess? don’t know why

Have you checked what are you getting for “current user” in the step-by-step mode of the debugger?

My problem is the user = current user is working now (just noticed) on the Owner data type but on the user data type the Owner filed is empty? How do i assign the Owner data to the user the other way?

3rd wf step “make changes to current user” where owner = result of step #2 (if you’ve created the Owner item in step #2)

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Lifesaver bro…! Thank you so much! Worked perfectly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: