Sign the user up then add to a list of thing

in my workflow, I have a button “Add an employee(user)”. When the button is clicked, I want to sign the user up then make changes to a thing using “result of step 1 (sign theuser up)” However, there is no “result of sign the user up”. How can I make this happen?

Got it. I should have used “Create new account for someone else.” Thank you!

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Hello @shu.teopengco. I’m having the same issue as you posted. I have a Company Data Type which has a field named list of Company’s users. When the button “Add new Company user” is clicked, I want to create a workflow that Sign this new user UP and then Add this new user to the list of Company’s users in Company Type. I tried many times with different options but failed to make it. Can you tell me how to do that? Thanks

In your workflow, first item should be “Create an account for someone else” then -> “Add the result of step 1 to Company’s list of Users”

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Thanks @shu.teopengco