Creating a page title and SEO description dynamically for a page with no object

Hi Bubblers,

I have hit a stumbling block I was hoping someone had an answer for. I have a blog page that dynamically updates the page title based on the blog title. However, when you go to the root blog page (e.g. /blog), the page has no loaded blog article (because you haven’t selected one to read). This means my dynamic title loading doesn’t work because it is referencing a object that doesn’t exist. I have tried to address this in workflow but their doesn’t seem to be a way to dynamically set the default page object. Any ideas of how I could tackle this? I don’t want to do any javascript updates, this seems a bit lame and may impact seo.


Hey !

Have you tried using a condition on your page ?

@rich_maxwell best approach for this is to put a dynamic expression into the page title section. This expression will reference whatever value source you are using to determine if an article is selected. Something like ‘current article is empty’. Then add format as text operator.

In No field you add the blog article title, yes field you could leave blank, but shouldn’t. When no blog article is selected you should still have page title, but be for the blog….so if you were doing it properly, the yes field would not be blank, but be the title for the blog itself.