Miro/Realtimeboard Like Functionality

Hi, I asked a similar question to this about a year or two ago on this forum. Unfortunately I then stopped using Bubble. At the time I was interested in creating an app which included Miro (Realtime board) type functionality. I was wondering if anyone has done anything similar since. As in, creating editable ‘notes/cards’ that can be linked with an arrowed line?

In my case, the application would be for creating a kind of site-map/storyboard. A series of cards which can be linked, visually.

Are there any plugins anyone is aware of or methods, workflows that could do something similar? My best guess so far would be something maybe based on a kanban board, although the connecting lines still elude me. I know Go.js is the usual go to but I don’t know how to program in Javascript.

Any guidance would be gratefully received. Thanks.


Apologize about reviving an old topic,

but if there’s anyone looking for a Miro or real time board functionality in your web app, I’ve got the plugin for you.

And for more exclusive features …

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