Creating a report in Bubble


I have an inquiry form which is populated by the customer for all incoming inquiries. This form also contains the source from where he got to know about the customer and the current status of the inquiry.

I am trying to create a table report which shows the sum of the statuses for a particular source.

Like this table:

Please help how can we let the webapp dynamically pick the unique sources on the table and create a sum for each status per source. And at the end we show the totals

Hi, just “Do a Search For” your thing “count”

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Hello @lakhotiaatul welcome to the community!

This is practically a mini app that you are describing.

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Hi @cmarchan @GH5T thanks for the response.

But I am not sure if this helps.

I am picking the data from the database and doing the sum based on the value of Sources. I am not able to setup the right conditions for the boxes.

Is this what you’re looking to do? Took me some time to make it.

Link to editor:

Thanks. This is very helpful. I will try to implement this in my system.

Thank you once again.

Hi @GH5T

I tried the same method as yours but could not get my head around it. I am new to Bubble and stuck on this report big time.

Is it possible to share my project or would really appreciate it if you can come on Zoom ?

I’m available for hire for custom work - but as it stands, this is what you’d need. I’ve been working with Bubble for over 2 years now so it’s kind of a given for me.

If you need consultation/tutoring I can help as well.

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