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Creating a shareable page with URL parameter

I would like to be able to share an instance of a thing via a URL that points to a page that will display this data publicly (so share on social media etc).

So I have created a “public” page and can successfully pass in the the “unique id” of the thing I want to share.

I can even do a search using this parameter, but only as an advanced filter (unique id is only available here).

What I don’t seem to be able to do is say “show me THIS things name”. i.e. reference the thing directly.

I have ended up running a “unique elements” on the search for the search id … which seems a long way about it.

Any better ways ?


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We don’t have this way yet (to generate readable URLs). It’s a feature request actually. Right now, using the id in the URL is the best approach, running a search is going to be slow.

Thanks, as long as I haven’t missed something obvious. Seems to be working OK :smile:

Am I able to put some OG tags in somewhere, Facebook share is a little sparse !

Yes, but as an app parameter is the settings tab

Aha, have missed that. Thanks !

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