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Is it possible to social share individual items?

I would like users to be able to share a specific item from a repeating group, on facebook, tumblr, pinterest etc.

Is there any way to do that?
At the moment we can share a whole page or site… for example???

Yes, you need to have a landing page for the “thing” you want to share and then you put the thing’s unique ID as a parameter in the URL that you share. On the landing page you can pull back he ID and do a search : unique


Hey Nigel, you don’t have an example of this in the forum by any chance do you?

Twitter is working fine and I can share the link to the individual thing that opens on the ‘landing page’.

But can’t seem to share the data on facebook or linkedin. Is it possible to share the images or just text?

You can share the link but the meta tags are dynamic and set for the whole app. So you can share different links but the image and text will be the same for all.

I’ve requested the feature to be able to share with dynamic image and title/text. Emmanuel has responded it’s possible to build quite fast if we sponser it. If you’re interested in crowd funding this I’de be open for that.

@marconappolini No I don’t think I do. Will have another check in my public apps.

@Kackur That would be very useful, and may help fund depending on cost. I am fairly certain there is another way to do it, by generating a temporary webpage on the fly, but … how to do it in Bubble.

@NigelG ok, thanks for checking, if not no problem.

@Kackur I’m definitely interested in helping sponsor this in the near future

@NigelG and @marconappolini!

I´ve been in contact with @emmanuel and he says they can fix this for us by making the HTML tag at the page level dynamic. And we’d be able to put whatever we want there, facebook or other stuff.

This feature would cost $400 to sponsor and it could be done within a week.
If the three of us crowd funds it it will be about $135 each.
What do you guys think?

I’m in.

Did this ever happen?

Yes it did.