How to create a shareable Url for my posts?

I created a datatype “post” that includes all infos for a regular social media post (incl. picture, title, description).

I am wondering how I can make these posts shareable, like on facebook or twitter. I noticed I have no slug at the moment. I can’t find out what an url structure for these posts would be, or what the best practise is to turn these posts into shareable single page posts.

Any help welcome.

I think i am not understanding, are you trying to create a page with dynamic data and a clean URL like this?

“https:// forum.bubble .io/t/how-to-create-a-shareable-url-for-my-posts/ 238706”

Yes, thats what I want. Maybe I am not really getting the concept of a post page in Facebook. When I click on a post in facebook a pop up opens. From this pop up the post has a unique url. But this means that each post has a dedicated page right.
Like domain/posts/username/post1
That is where I struggle, how to add the username to the url and how to make a post shareable.

the domain/post/username/postX
is known as Sub Folders or directory.

I don’t believe there is a way to natively to do this in bubble, i have tried but game but quick cause it was just a feature i wanted to add not one i needed at the time. This might be possible with a plugin or something. Honestly not sure how to do that part.

You could just use parameters for not, and when some someone goes to your domain it checks for a parameter. If there is one it will send data to the popup and then show the popup for the user. When the user is scrolling on the page and click on that post it add the parameter so it would have the same function. That’s just one of the way i can think of doing it right now as im not home to mess with everything.

There probably is an easier way of doing it.

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I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking here….

But it’s perfectly possible to have a URL like the one above…

‘posts’ is the page name, and ‘username’ and ‘post1’ are just path segments…

If you’re asking how to display such a URL on a page in your app (or use it in a workflow), the. You ca just display the home URL, followed by the page name, the username, then the post ID (or slug)…

If your question is how to read that data from the URL you can just use Get Data From URL and use path segments as lost to define the various data objects on the page/group etc.

Although I’m not even sure why you need to do that?

(do you specifically want to include the username in the URL?)…

ok cool , so I just need to create a slug for the post and than somehow see if if I can create a page for it.

If you want to use slugs then yes, you’ll need to create a slug… (although I’m not slugs for things like Facebook posts makes that much sense)… otherwise just use the uid…

I’m still not clear if you want/need to include additional path parameters (i.e. username) in your URL?

Is that what you’re asking about?

Or do you just want the post ID/slug?

Yes I was actually hoping that I can access a post with that url structure. I will check if slug or id is better. Thanks a lot.

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