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Hello fellow bubblers,

I have only been using Bubble for a couple weeks, so this might be a NOOB question.

I am creating an application with profiles to schedule appointments- currently I have an “editable profile page” for the current user to update their profile and manage scheduling/appointments. I want this person to be able to share their profile on social media directly. Currently I am using the share buttons plug in by bubble.

Then in a separate page there’s the “public version” of the profile, which is not editable and looks / functions slightly different for the calendar/ scheduling system. However, it pulls its relevant data from the prior mentioned “editable version.”

The problem is that I want the share buttons (that are located on the editable profile) to share the “public profile” page, not the current (editable page). However, I the only dynamic links that I have been able to generate using the plugin are either “this URL” or “website home URL.” What I want is to create a link for an internal page and send their data to it.

I created a temporary workaround where i created a link on the person’s “editable profile” page that directs them to the viewable version with the current users data, and then on that page there is the Share link to “current URL.” However, I do not ideally want the users to have to go through multiple steps to share their profile.

Thank you in advance and I’m hoping that I am just missing something!


Hey @katiekennedy1234 :wave:

Welcome to Bubble! So there is a way to use the url to show things. I’m not in front of my computer at the moment. Let me see if I can help anyways. :smiling_face:

You can have parameter in a url. They look like this for example:
You are being redirected...

A parameter is sent to a page like that. The parameter is identified by a “?” and then it has the parameter name “userprofile”. Then the actual parameter is after the “=“ “183761583x1873693”.

You can have more parameters after that by adding a “&” like this “You are being redirected...

Then on page load you can extract the data from the url in a workflow and send it to the page or even put it in a “set state” as well.

Then you can reference that data to display what you want on the screen.

Does that make sense? If not, tomorrow I can give you an example when I’m in front of my computer.

I hope that helps!


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@J805 Thanks for the quick reply!

Maybe I’m just not understanding. So how do I create the link to an internal page?

I am trying to fill out “URL to Share,” so that when the “share button” is clicked, it creates a link to the “public profile view” of that user’s data.

How do I use the parameter from the URL to redirect to the correct page?

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You would have to choose your website url then add /parameter=“ID of type of data”

I can give you an example tomorrow so you can check it out with a real life example. :+1:

You can build it up from the current URL


Maybe better to type it in however … (otherwise you will get the debug parameter there too).


So in this case the user has a “short” name that is how they are referred to in the URL.

On the “user” page, you read in the URL “path” (that will be the short name) and find that in the User database.

Means you have fairly pretty sharable URLS … mysite.com/user/billyg


Couldn’t have said it better myself. :raised_hands:
There is the example too. :slight_smile:

@NigelG and @J805 thank you for your patience and help!

I think I am getting closer. Now, when I try to “Test” the link the Bubble screen shows up saying “you haven’t deployed bubble app to live yet.”

Is there a way to test whether the link is working properly in dev mode?

I did https://p2plive.io/?view_profile=current user’s unique ID

So by sharing this link using the “current user’s unique ID” to pull in the data to the profile page… if a different user (who was logged in) clicked that link could it pull their data instead of the person who originally shared the link?

Sorry guys, I know nothing about coding so all these concepts are new to me. Thank you again!

Hey @katiekennedy1234,

So if you use “Website home URL” instead of “https://p2plive.io/” it will changed itself if it is dev or live mode. Bubble takes care of that for you.

So basically it should look like: “Website home URL?view_profile=current user’s unique ID”

Just make sure your page will be taking that data and displaying it on the page. You can set it up on page load to send the data from the URL to the page.

Other users can see the data if you don’t have privacy roles set up to block it. Just be careful what you show the other users. Don’t display the users private information.

@J805 and @NigelG Thank goodness I finally got it. Feels great when it works lol

Thanks for your help guys!

Awesome! Good job! :clap: Keep up the good work. :blush:

Hello all I am having an issue and hoping to get some help.

I have a profile page my users build, then I want them to be able to share them. I am using the same bubble share plugin and can’t seem to get this working. I can share the page but not see a profile upon clicking the link.

To test I shared the page through gmail. Then went to my email and clicked the link. I got it to display the page, even in incognito mode, but can’t figure out how to get the page to pull the data from the URL.

When I start with the “page load” in the workflow section should I be going to “element actions” then “display data” and starting from there. That’s what i am doing and can’t get the parameter to work. really need some help. thanks.

@scott.frazier01 I’m not an expert but I was able to get the share profile link working for my page after some trouble shooting and help from the folks here. Are you using the dynamic data “this URL” for the link?

I used “get data from page url” in the workflow section when page loads

I should say this, initially the button on the page is this, “Website home URL?view_profile=current user’s unique ID” which was noted in this thread. Then moving to the workflow section I am having the information I stated in my previous post


When in the editor and you select the “share buttons” there should be a field “URL to share.” I took a couple screenshots of my set up.

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 8.29.22 PM

If I input “this url” dynamically it will pull up the data of the current page users info.

I did not have to set a workflow at all. “view_profile” is the name of my bubble “page” for my app. I was also trying to share a different page within my app (not the current page) because the current page was not the profile page. If I were trying to share the current “page” then all I would need to input into that field is “this URL” (instead of webistehomeURL?viewprofile=current user’s unique ID). So you should enter whatever the URL is for the profile page of your app that you are trying to display into that field.

Are you able to send screenshots of your set up? This would really help.

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I have it setup the same way now and it does work to show the profile. Will this work if a user isn’t logged into the site at all? Will it still pull all the data? I just tried to test the link through incognito mode and it didn’t show any user data just a blank profile page.

Your information appears to be pulling the “current user’s” which means the user that is currently using the app. If you want the information to display to anyone it will need to be the “Current Page User.” Current user data will show data of the current logged in user’s information.

Okay so if i do just “current page user” it needs more to be completed, what do I use?

Unique ID?