Creating a user account via API workflow and setting custom password from passed parameter

Hi Bubblers,

So trying to create an account and set the password via an input (content format set to password) that then gets sent to a API workflow where the account is created and a password is manually assigned from that input.

Here are the workflows:

Schedule workflow via API

Parameter of the password
Step 1 is create an account for someone else, therefore gets referenced here

Checked the logs and they aren’t particular helpful, but seems to be passing, even though I can’t see the value:

Any guidance would be appreciated, cheers

For security reasons bubble doesn’t allow you to see the password either in the database or in the logs. Which I think is a good thing.

Sure - I agree, not exposing the password makes sense in the logs and database. But the workflows described above should work I would have thought.

I’ve used another workaround via the API workflows just using the standard ‘Sign up the user’ so at least a custom password can be specified or otherwise if not just use the password reset method for new users:

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