Urgent help need with data

Trying to create accounts in data but when trying to log that user in with the email and password i used for their profile, it comes up with “incorrect password” message even though the password is correct any ideas how to fix this ? thank you and merry christmas to everyone

Can you provide some screenshots of your workflow?

Passwords can’t be a new field in your database. They are a built-in field by Bubble that is hidden and encrypted. If you want to create an account for another person, you need to use the action, “Create an account for someone else.”

ok perfect thank you

So i cannot create accounts and add the password in database?

Exactly, Bubble will do this in the background (hash password so it’s encrypted) and hide editor access for it to be modified or viewed. Only in workflow actions e.g. login will the password be accessible/requestable for that data to be reached. So a user account comprises of an email address binded to a User and the password, which is kept out of access and sight in the editor.

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