Using 'reset password' workflow to generate New Passwords

So, we have a business cleaning laundry. We have about 200 customers, and we are building our own management app on bubble. We are going to be importing all of our customers from our current SAS into bubble. Once in bubble, if these customers wanted, could they create a password for a new account on our app?

Basically, we want to create the account for them by importing their data. But we still want them to be able to have access to features that they can only see by logging into the app such as order history. So, if their user thing has never had a password associated with it, can a condition be set stop that on their first log in they ‘reset’ their password? Is there some other method of doing this without people having to sign up from scratch again?

Thank you!


Any ideas yet?

You can create a user for someone else. You can find it in the workflow account section. What you should do is upload the 200 users emails into a temp database and then schedule a workflow to create the users for you.

I would also send the a password reset link so they can choose there own passwords importing passwords is not supported.

Please be mindful of how many emails you send out using the bubble domain. I would suggest you setup sendgrid


That makes sense. this way, we could still interact with the users, even if they never use their account. For example, we would have their payment info in stripe still, as well as their address, etc.

Do you know any good forum posts explaining the process of setting up API workflows/ scheduling workflows? A skill I need to read up on and use soon.

Thank you for your help!

@AliFarahat I am getting ready to test this now. I’m assuming the best way to do this would be to create a page in the app just for this purpose, then set up the work flow to search the import database, then create a user (if thing doesn’t already exist). Is that correct?

If would suggest you stick to the current reset page.

Why don’t you just import the users in the main users table and add a field imported = yes to allow you to find the later on.

I just tested this out and it actually worked marvelously. Didn’t realize that users could just be uploaded like that. All they have to do is click the ‘reset password’ link on the sign in page to create their password, and everything seemed to work splendidly. Charging credit cards as well!

It would seem to me, that if there is a customer who just happens to be in the list AND already has an account set up, the upload process wouldn’t create a duplicate account, and the one that was there previously would remain untouched. In this way, the user wouldn’t have to reset their password. Is this correct?

Thank you!