Creating connections

Hello folks,

I’m thinking about creating a platform similar to Linkedin and have a couple of questions.

  1. I’ve seen a few social network / media templates created by Bubble and see that you can create 1st degree connections, but can you also create 2nd degree connections and allow users to recognize the degree of connection of content uploaders and filter the content feed based on degree(s) of connection (e.g. only 1st connections, only 1st and 2nd, all)?

  2. If I want to migrate to a custom platform down the line, will I be able to export all the data including the connection data and connection tag (?) on the content uploaded (i.e., will I be able to migrate the data as shown in Bubble if (1) is doable)?

Thanks for your help on this!

In short, the answer to both questions is positive.

But for the implementation of the method (1) and the performance of the application, other factors are also involved.

For the second case, you don’t need to worry about the relations, it’s the data that matters.
Because until then, you will probably want to redesign the database.

Take note that you can’t migrate your user’s Bubble app login info. So make sure to have a piece of user data to link users after the migration.