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Creating link referring to the workflow inside text element

Hey there!

I’m wondering how I could put link inside text element that referring to workflow.

Could anybody help me with that, please?

I don’t think you can do that exactly that way.

One way to do this would be to add a link within the text from the rich text editor. If you want some workflows to run on clicking this link, set the link’s url as the same page and add some url parameters to it. For example, on clicking the url on, it takes you to

In your workflows, create a new workflow that runs when page is loaded. In this workflow carry out the actions that you need to execute on clicking that link. In the ‘ONLY WHEN’ section of the workflow, simply add get parameters from url is value1. (Value1 is whatever value you’re expecting. It could be a keyword for this action. In the ‘get parameters from url’, set it to look for values under the key that you’ve used. Here it is ‘param1’).

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