Creating Login page with database

Hi. I just created a simple login page with password only. I also create a database containing user information like email, password, name, etc. How do I make the login system able to scan the database for the password data before logging in?

Hi @sirsplendificent.123,

Bubble actually takes care of a lot of this for you. You’ll notice that you have a data type called “User” in your database (Data > Data Types). This is built in. You’ll also see a built-in email field. The password is built-in as well, but you can’t access it for security.

When you sign up a user, you’ll run the “Sign up a user” action and provide an email and password from inputs you design on the page. With this action, Bubble will create a user record for you and securely store the password.

When you log a user in, you’ll run the “Log in user” action and do the same - provide email and password from inputs designed on the page, and Bubble will handle the rest. It knows if a user exists with the provided email or not and whether or not the password matches the one used during signup.

I recommend checking out this lesson called “Building a Sign Up System” here to help learn the concept:

Having said all this… You mentioned a password-only flow - I wonder what your vision is for that? Look up user by entered password? How would we know the person who entered the password is the rightful owner? Send an email to the found password’s associated email? You could do this, of course, but that also means you’re creating your own custom “passwords” that will really just be text values and not encrypted like the true passwords are.

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Hi @romanmg,

Is it possible to build the signup / login functionality without using the built in by Bubble?

I want to create a new table so that the “Run as” does not show up and allow admins to access data through the UI. Data in the Database is encrypted. But if the collaborator can access the the UI then they will have access to the data decrypted.