Schedule recurring events

Hello everyone, probably someone has already done this and can help me but I’m trying to create events with a recurrence … I can do this manually by creating events for the next 3 months, but has anyone used a more efficient way? for example create an event to repeat every 15 days (internally it creates the same event for the next 3 months)

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like this? Recurring Date Scheduler Plugin | Bubble

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You can create an event, and the last action of this event is to schedule itself on a new date.

Therefore, you only need to fire it once. Each time it runs, at the end it will create a new schedule for itself.

You can create a control table with a field that will serve as a counter if you want to limit the number of repetitions.

In the step before the last one (which will be rescheduling), you increment this counter.

Then, in the last step which would be the rescheduling, you would compare with this counter.


There are various ways to do it… i.e. using a recursive workflow, running a workflow on a list, or using the bulk create data API endpoint.

The basic approach would be the same for each (define how many events you want to create, and how far apart they are, and then just create each one).

Depending on how many events you’re creating, there could be a significant difference in WU between each method, so that’s something to consider and test.


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