Creating new date in database with backend workflow

Hi @mikeloc, I need your advice.
I would like to create to make the dates in the calendar copy automatically.

My friend has recommended me such a solution:
''I’ve just done some thinking, and one solution that comes to mind is by using a backend workflow. I’ve never built anything like this in the past, but I’m under the impression that you could create a backend workflow that’s triggered whenever an existing timeslot comes to pass.

For example, if you had a timeslot that was 10:00 on Sunday 19th March, once the current date/time = this time, you could run a workflow and create another timeslot in your database.

While the time field within the time slot would remain the same, you could set the date field of the new time slot to be the current date + 7 days.’’

What do you think of this solution to automate the addition of dates?

Sorry, @bartoszkopec89, but I’m guessing this post is related to another recent post of yours, and I don’t understand what you are trying to do. Maybe someone else does, though.

I have 20 restaurants on the portal that have a minimum of 30 appointments each. That is, a total of over 600 appointments to add each month. I’m looking for a way to have the appointments for a new month added automatically so I don’t have to click over 600 times :slight_smile:

Surely you just create each appointment as and when it’s booked?..

I create each free avaible time slot for each restaurant.

I don’t understand what your question is about :slight_smile:

Do you really need to have the available timeslots stored as individual database entries?

Can’t you just restrict the bookings to the available times?

Or are they completely different each month?

In any case, if you want to create 600 database entries each month, just set up a backend workflow to do just that.

Are you having trouble doing it?

They are the same each month:)

Yes, I dont know how to setup backend workflow to do that:/

Yeah this is a totally bass-ackward way to think about it. Also, if you really need to manipulate dates, do this in the front end. There are lots of decent-to-excellent plugins for such tasks including my Parallels plugin. Vanilla Bubble can only do so much via-a-vis date operations (though it’s much more powerful today than in the past).

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