Multiple data entries from a single workflow?

I’ve created an availability table that house a things that can be reserved every data that a calendar can reference. Right now I’m creating it manually every day but I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to have a start date and an end date, and create a data entry for each thing from the start date till the end date? The idea was to have 6 months - 1 year worth of Availability saved up, and each day use a scheduled event to add a date to the availability table while removing the previous days, but the personal plan doesn’t allow daily or weekly events, so the only way this is possible is by creating multiple entries at a time.

Edit: well i found a semi work around. I created an API that gets triggered by a button that would create a weeks worth of data in one push, each workflow just taking the last data items date and adding 1 day to it. Was able to create weeks worth of entries in no time.

Did you ever find a solution to this?

I did actually,

I created 3 workflows, the 1st get fired off with a button, and the rest follow as long as the conditions are met;

So the 1st workflow creates my 1st availability date, then it triggers the 2nd workflow and creates the next date, then triggers the 3rd and creates a date, then rotates back and forth from the 2nd and 3rd workflows until the date we want which it ends the process.

There’s a 5 second delay between each process, because I found that making it any less than that would cause it to skip dates which does feel time consuming when you are creating an availability table for 6+ months, but, this is something that only has to run once and it’s done. My software requires an End of Day to run each day, so it just adds another availability date during that process, so it’s a constant 6 month rotation or however long the client has it set for.

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Either do this in code or use a reliable plugin*. There’s no reason to turn to a recursive backend workflow to do something that takes a millisecond in the page like creating a list of dates.

  • My Calendar Grid Pro and Parallels plugins both do this in different ways and for different use cases. This is not an advertisement.

While this is true, there’s many variables (for me) that just won’t work with just a list of dates.

My availability file houses many lists of separate things that require checks and balances so that it’s always accurate. There’s no bigger pain than working in the Hotel/Hospitality industry and having incorrect Availability, especially when it’s your Client’s paying clients that suffer when it’s wrong.

I found the best and most reliable way was to build it from scratch and take it slow. You only have to run it 1 time and it’s maintained from then on, so taking time to do the initial set up is worth it.

Dude, I built a vacation rental app with Bubble. I know what I’m talking about and built the plugins I mention above. I know what I’m talking about.

That’s awesome, it sounds and looks like a fantastic plugin.

I’ve been working in the Hotel/Hospitality industry for the last 10 years. Appointments, reservations and date data is all I’ve done. Having a calendar/availability that books a single item is great, but when you throw in tiers of data it’s much more complicated.

When you have a hotel with several different market codes, rate groups and room types and add seasonal rates plus yield management and pile group rates, discounts, packages with add-on charges and scheduled charges, an availability table is a must. Having all those things calculate when your clients are trying to book a hotel room just isn’t possible in a short amount of time. Having all that data pre-available is a much faster experience when it comes to booking.