Creating Reusable Element w/multiple items and popups

I’m trying to create a reusable element for my header.

I highlighted the various header buttons (login and signup) but I can’t get the two popups that those buttons tie to, to all ‘show’ at the same time so I can select all of them to be part of this new reusable ‘header’ element.

Can you ‘add’ elements to an existing reusable element? I converted the header buttons as they all displayed at the same time, but when then showing and selecting the first popup, there didn’t seem to be an option on converting to add to an existing reusable element. Should I be able to see all the elements (buttons and two popups) all at same time so they can all be selected and all converted into a reusable element?

You will need to create custom states on your reusable element. These should just be numbes ( 1 and 0 )…these numbers will basically represent Yes/No or booleans.

Then on the page you want the popups to popup, the page must have the popup or your reusable element would need it ( not sure how that would work though ).

Once you place your reusable header onto the page with the popups…set conditional statements or workflows to show the popup when the custom state of the reusable element is ( 1 or 0 ).

Your second paragraph about “adding elements” confuses me. Are you asking about copying elements into the reusable element? For that just go to the resuable element in editor and copy the elements you want in it.

If you are referring to adding elements as a user once the user clicks the header buttons, you would need to provide a link or at least screen shots of your editor and app so what you are trying to accomplish is clear enough for others to lend a hand.

I was simply trying to create a reusable element of several buttons (in my header) and two popups (that the buttons called) so I could use the header on other pages.

I could select all the buttons and ‘convert [them] to reusable element’ but couldn’t get the popups to show at the same time to included them in the ‘conversion.’

So I just converted the buttons into a reusable element first, and then for each popup, did a ‘copy w/workflows’ from my index page and then a ‘paste w/workflows’ to the reusable element. That seemed to enable me to include the popups and the buttons in the same reusable element. I ended up w/a bunch of workflow errors (eg can’t show certain elements) but I simply just reselected what was there and the errors went away - not sure why they showed as errors first.

Sizing and colors when copied are wacked but everyone seems to work now functionally. Thanks!

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