Reusable Element - Help needed

Hi all

I want to change the properties of the Header (which is a reusable element) when a Button is clicked. This means, when a button is clicked, a pop-up (which is another reusable element) should pop up. When I want to change the workflow of that button ("if Button is clicked, “show…”, “Reusable element”…), I cannot chose the pop-up from the list of reusable elements. For some reason, other elements are shown but not the pop-up.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance,

You need to put the popup reusable element into the header reusable element

Thank you for the answer - how can I do this?

Go the reusable element header…Look at the side panel, locate the reusable popup and add it just like you would to a page

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