Creating something like buffer

I’m just wondering if it would be possible to build something like on bubble?

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Yes, you can create almost any website/app concept with Bubble.


Yup :slight_smile:

Like buffer but … better !


Hi Nigel. Is this still up? The link above isn’t working.


Wasn’t working for me either but I just typed in the domain and it worked for me :slight_smile:

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Hmmm. Yep. I should’ve thought of that… Haha! Thanks :wink:

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It’s now on :slight_smile:


How does one go about connecting social media accounts? I am aware of scheduling and all - but how to make the user connect their social media accounts such that when they click on ‘share’ they get to see their connected profile automatically and even counts that share?

  • Hard Mode : Use an external tool like Auth0 to authenticate the user, and store the tokens for each network
  • Super Hard Mode : Use Bubble to handle the authentications
  • Still quite Hard : Use an external service like Oneall to handle it all
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We just published an article on how to connect your user’s social media account in Bubble and post on their behalf - it uses our app Ayrshare’s social media API. If you don’t want to use something like Ayrshare, you can build your own API connections to the social networks.


This looks like something we need to build for a specific client. Do you use a third party to post the content? Just thinking about the recent twitter price changes