A few newbie questions to get started

I’d like to try to build a social media platform where users can follow each other and post messages. For that I would need a wysiwyg editor. The idea is, that users can post text messages with photos, embeds (youtube etc), links with preview. Pretty much like on Facebook. My question is if it’s possible to do it in Bubble. Any links to learn more how to do it?

Welcome to Bubble @Patrik.

Big picture, this is certainly possible with Bubble. There are numerous wysiwgy editors available, lots of capabilities to build the social network and following capabilities, and it’s easy to integrate 3rd party APIs, etc.

Additionally, if you have a very specific UX you’re trying to implement for pieces of this which aren’t supported by default, then you can almost always add custom code you build yourself (or, more likely, hire someone to build for you) for those select few pieces that make your app different than everything else on the web.

You’ll probably want to take a training course to quickly get up to speed on Bubble. There’s a lot you’ll need to learn to build out a whole social networking site, and it’s entirely do-able. I know because I’ve done similar. If you’re bootstrapping, then probably best to buy a course that you can watch over video at 2x speed. I think I paid $50 for a 30 hour course showing how to build AirBnB in Bubble. It showed me both what’s possible with Bubble and how to implement it. There are many courses these days, so I’d search the forum to find a few and pick the one that looks best for you / your goals.

After that, it’ll take weeks or months “coding” to really get the hang of things. In general, you have to learn how to do everything once. So, the first time you want to use a new capability (e.g., building a survey form and saving the data to the database) it’ll take a while to figure out how to implement it but then after that it’s usually pretty quick to use those same skills over and over again.

Best of luck!


Hey thx for the detailed answer. One thing I am worried about is styling. With Webflow I practically can design my websites pixel perfect. It seems that Bubble isn’t that advanced in terms of styling. Am I right?

Anything bubble is missing for styling you can add with html element or toolbox plugin.

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I’ve found that I have tremendous control over the interface, including pixel perfect design abilities in most respects.

One important note is that I set up my pages to be responsive so elements change width and/or show and hide based on the user’s computer screen width. When first using Bubble, it’s easy to think that Bubble has a bug that causes your content not to display correctly when what’s really happening is Bubble’s responsive engine is at work. Learning how to implement styles responsively takes a bit of practice, but it’s fairly straightforward once you get the hang of it.

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After working with Bubble for a few years and then trying to setup my marketing app with tools like Webflow, I realized how easy and flexible Bubble really is. Webflow is a pain to use in a lot of aspects and so I ended up launching my app’s marketing site using Bubble.

You do have to spend a little time setting up the responsive part, but overall it’s much faster to setup than anything in Webflow or other similar tools.

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