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I need help creating a profile page for users on my app. I have built the majority of the app
in Bubble however I am not familiar with creating a profile page on the app once the user logins in, that lists picture, business profile, and the most important product or service they provide. Also I am interested in a push option that can send a push notification to users when they are in a certain distance of a business within about 25 miles of where they are.

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i Am actually having the same problem.

I need a profile in which a users info could be shown to himself and other people who search for him. I jjust have no idea how to get earlier inputs onto the page of the users profile.

Let me know if you have found an answer and i’ll let you know if i have found an answer.

Good luck!

I suggest doing the lesson titled “Sending Data to Pages” to get a feel for how this should be set up:

Essentially, you’ll need to create a single page and set its type to equal User (in property editor for the page). Any dynamic data on this page would use “Current Page User’s [field]”. For example, “Current Page User’s first name”.

When users navigate to this page, you’ll need to define the user whose data will be read by the page. For example, if you have a repeating group of Users on the home page… When a text element in the cell is clicked (perhaps displaying the current cell user’s name) > navigate to profile page > data to send = current cell’s user.

This means every time you navigate to that page by clicking a different user’s name in that home page list, the elements in the profile page will display the saved data for that user you selected. Remember, the elements on the profile page should be dynamically set, using “Current Page User’s [field]”. If you have an image element on the page, the source should be “Current Page User’s profile picture”, where the profile picture field’s type is an image; a text element could be “Current Page User’s Job Title”, where job title field is a text, etc.

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how would i do this on a native app

I have a question. When ppl log on to my bubble app I want them to be directed right to the create a profile page where they have to put there info like bio age name but instead of that it takes me to a different profile page and u have to go edit profile instead of just entering ur info

You simply need to specify which page they must be directed to on the Login button action

Hi @romanmg ! I’ve just watched your very detailed video where you show this very thing in action and I have a quick question:

What if I don’t want to set up a page like your “search page” with the repeating group and the “view profile buttons” and I just need for everyone’s username to be clickable, and whenever a username is clicked it would redirect and send data to that profile page?

Would appreciate your kind help, please.