Detect Request Data not working

I’m trying to setup a Stripe webhook using Bubble’s “Detect Data” function.

I’ve previously setup a webhook with Stripe using the same steps, however, I am not able to get Bubble to connect. I’ve waited for over 3 minutes and still get nothing.

I do get a successful response in Stripe

“status”: “SUCCESS”,
“message”: “The endpoint stripechargecreated was sucessfully initialized”

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Hi @brentparker76!

I remember this happening to me once…I think I ended up filing a bug report to get it fixed. If you are getting the success message, the detection should happening very soon after that. Just make sure you are connecting to the endpoint you think you are (version-test vs live, a different endpoint, etc.) I’d also try to delete the endpoint and make it again from scratch (do not copy an existing one,) as that can often fix things.


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