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Croppie - element plugin to crop and zoom images before upload

I had the same problem. However, it was solved by setting not only save croppie as a workflow when pressing a button but also save to database as a workflow when croppie was saved.
I am a Japanese who is not good at English, so it may be a strange sentence. sorry.

Why in Croppie, in some images, when I zoom in - does it create this black part around the image?


@mishav have you experienced the croppie plugin causing the file size of a cropped image becoming 20X larger than the original image?

I’ve been allowing a user who has previously uploaded an image through the croppie element to later in time come back to their profile and edit that image. This is set up so that they would be editing the original image and not the cropped image. I enable this by saving both the original image and cropped image to my DB.

When they want to edit the previously loaded image, I set the croppie through a conditional to have a source image of the original image uploaded in my DB.

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 3.05.25 PM

Then when they make any changes to this image I delete the previously cropped image in the DB and then save the new cropped image.

What I notice so far is that each time I do this, the file size of the new cropped image is getting larger and larger…the most recent test showed an increase of over 700KB on an original image of size 160KB.

Any ideas why these cropped image file sizes are so much larger?

On the example posted from the file manager, the larger file size is the cropped image, but I actually didn’t crop anything, just saved it as it is originally.

I also notice that when I first save an image, which is saving the original image and the cropped image, even if I do not crop the image or do anything to it, the file size is nearly 2.5X larger than the original. I don’t know why this happens.

This is the workflow to save the images

It seems like the ‘result image’ from the croppie element is about 2.5X larger despite not making any changes to the image.

I also noticed this problem.

What I did to solve it, is to delete the old file when I enter to upload a new image.

Thanks for the reply…unfortunately that is not possible for the use case I described. I am not uploading a new image, I am allowing a user to edit a previously uploaded and cropped image, so the original image must be kept so that they are not attempting to edit a cropped image.

But I already do delete images from the file manager when they are no longer needed.

Does you solution actually make the cropped image file size remain the same or smaller than the original file size?

When I change an image already saved by croppie, the image starts to get bigger after saving again.

report a bug:

  • browse a image
    (then not save it)
  • clear Croppie
  • browse that image again
    => image not load to Croppie frame
    if browse new image then this bug not happen.
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Hello All, I am getting this Error any Idea why that might be?

The plugin Croppie / element Croppie threw the following error: ReferenceError: Croppie is not defined
at (PLUGIN_Croppie-initialize–Croppie-.js:3:394)
at eval (PLUGIN_Croppie-update–Croppie-.js:5:498) (please report this to the plugin author)

Hi Everyone,
And thank you @mishav for this wonderful plugin !
I have only one little bug, the action browse a Croppie is not working on Firefox.
Am I the only one with this problem ? Or does anyone experienced the same issue ? If someone did could you tell me the solution.

Somehow, I need to re-click the browse button to open file manager. It was working before, I wonder what’s wrong?

@mishav With recent versions, Croppie is not displaying anymore the preview image. I had to revert to 1.0.2. This happens also with recent version “1.2.3. - Restore preview pic”.
Is this a bug or there are some new special settings to be done?

I can’t select same image twice in the croppie. The second time you select the image, it doesn’t appear. There is any way to do that?


  1. Browse a croppie and select a image
  2. Clear croppie without save the image
  3. Browse a croppie and select same image again
  4. Image doesn’t appear

@boston85719 I have read in a reply that you have had the same problem. Have you been able to solve it?

I have not been able to solve it…One of the worst UX aspects of the croppie plugin. I’m not 100% sure if the plugin is still being maintained or not, or if the developer would be able to fix the issue either.

I’ve been looking for alternatives to the croppie plugin, sadly none are free, but as images are very important for me, I’m willing to pay for a reliable and better performing plugin.

In my search I’ve tested pretty much every plugin out there that performs an image crop…some experiences with a lack of support on some have caused me to not want to utilize them, as well as issues with the cropped image file size being larger than the original uploaded image file size.

The one plugin that I am planning on purchasing is called Crop Upload Image

It is from my experience the best one available. And it does allow you to upload an image, clear the image and then upload the same image again.

It also does not automatically upload the image to file manager until you decide to save the image, and the cropped image file size has been significantly smaller than the uploaded original file size.

For example, a 5.9MB image after crop became just 1MB

My recommendation, would be to avoid the headaches of the free croppie plugin, and purchase a performant plugin if image cropping is essential to your app.

Hey @mishav, congratulations, this plugin is awesome.

I’m having trouble loading it on iOS.
Found a similar problem (and the solution) here:

Apparently, it’s just a matter of adding exif.js.

What do you think? Is it possible to add this feature into the plugin so it works on iOS?



I have been using Croppie since last December and I am very satisfied with it, I just noticed for a few weeks that Croppie no longer displays the dynamic image. Did you encounter the same problem? Attached some background image.


I keep getting white image instead of saved image at the end of the croppie workflow, when i try to save result image by make a changes to a db record it gives me sometimes a white image sometimes the actual result.