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Crypto is going mainstream with an explosion of financial services providers, and other institutions getting on board with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

A crypto wallet is a place where you can securely keep your cryptocurrency. It lets you buy, sell or transfer assets on the blockchain. A majority of crypto users use Metamask as their go-to exchange wallet for transacting cryptocurrency across the globe.

All wallet transactions and activity is public and transparent on the blockchain. Our Cryptance template allows one to connect one’s Metamask wallet and displays these records, making it easy to keep track of everything. It shows the user’s Metamask wallet total assets, as well as the balance of all the chains that Metamask supports. The users will also see all up-to-date transactions that happened to their wallets and a history of transactions.
Users can as well add chains and tokens right from the template to their Metamask wallet.

This block can be used as part of any no-code crypto platform, dashboard, etc.

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  • Gets one’s Metamask wallet total assets
  • Shows the user’s balance of all the chains that Metamask supports
  • Displays detailed transactions history (transaction type & amount, date, sender, receiver, tx hash)
  • Possibility to add/choose a chain or token.
  • The template is made using the new Bubble responsive engine

This template is using Login with Metamask and Metamask Advanced plugins by Zeroqode.

Metamask is a chrome-based cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum and ERC-20 compatible blockchains. This plugin allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications. It’s like a bridge that allows you to interact with blockchain-based applications.

Note: Please first install the Metamask extension for your browser to start working with the Cryptance Template.

Live demo: https://zqcrypto1.bubbleapps.io/

DEMO & DOCUMENTATION: Cryptance - Crypto Portfolio Docs

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Hey guys,

just tried your demo app and it’s mostly broken. It doesn’t display balances etc. Just wanted to let you know.