CSV Export dates are text format in Excel


I’m downloading a list of thing from the backend. This export includes two columns with dates (formatted as dates in bubble).
When I open the CSV in Excel, the dates are formatted as text and won’t let me convert them using DATEVALUE.

Has anyone got a solution to this?


You need to convert the CSV to and Excel file (xls or xlsx). CSV stands for comma separated values and is just a text file, therefore you can’t add any formatting options until after you save it as a different file type.

Hi, this is not the issue. Excel is able to format in CSV documents, it just removes that format when saving.
The issue is excel not recognizing a date to convert. I am able to successfully manipulate a date that I input myself whilst in CSV format.

Hey Alan,

Did you ever figure this out? It’s ridiculous that the table export of date/time converts to a string. The API doesn’t do this, which I’d be fine to use, except there’s a 50k record limit on those API requests.

Hi, I ended up using a formula in Excel. It was a mixture of LEFT and RIGHT to get the date and year, then IFs to recognise the months and convert to number, then CONCATENATE to put it all together and DATEVALUE to format as date. It’s mad, but it works.

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