Export to CSV, one column formats as date when it's not

Just wondering the best way to get around this. I have a text field and it displays data like 25/10, 50/10 etc which are not dates, but DSL download/upload speeds. When I export the data to CSV, they show up like 1950-10-01 or Oct-50. Is there a way to have it export it properly as the CSV isn’t just formatted wrong but actually has 1950-10-01 in that actual field.

Also quick side question, when I export there’s fields I have like who the record is assigned to which is a look up field on the user record, but it shows it as the bubble ID. It does have a created by which does the same, but then shows a created by email which is the users email. If I have custom fields that look up against a user record, is there a way to have it show their email instead? Or would I need to create a new field on the record that populates with the users email address on creation type thing to make that work?

Hi lmoreau, are you seeing the date formatting in another application, like Excel or Google Sheets, or is it in the raw csv text?

It looks like in Notepad it shows 50/10 properly but in Excel even if you click the cell it just shows it as 1950-10-01. If you view the cell it shows Oct-50 but clicking it shows the value is 1950-10-01 which made me think that 1950-10-01 was how it was formatted in the CSV but based on Notepad that doesn’t seem to be the case which is good so I’ll try to change the format in Excel and see if that works.

I see what you mean - Excel fully converts something like 04/05 so that the data in the cell is =04/05/2019 rather than simply formatting it as a date. Admittedly, I only gave it 5 mins, but I was not able to resolve it in Excel.
That said, I did find that opening it in Google Sheets instead of Excel kept the format, and I was able to make the column look normal by formatting it as text.

It’s not the answer you where probably looking for, but I hope that helps!