CSV Export for a Field That is a List

Hi @eli, I’m having trouble with your plugin. IT - CSV Creator.
Can you help?

I’m trying to export to a CSV, but one of the fields is a list of things:

Because Bubble automatically separates that list with commas, the plugin sees those commas and breaks them up into separate rows.

Here’s the field that contains a list of “segments”:

Here’s how the export treats those segments:

Here’s how I would expect the segments to show in the export:

I really like the plugin otherwise!

Hey @jwtuckr,

Unfortunately, this is a current limitation of the plugin for the exact reason you mentioned. It essentially uses Bubble to pass through lists of text and then parses them into a CSV. For the exactly reason you mention, once the plugin is processing the list it has no way to differentiate what items should be grouped with a specific row.

I have this on the back burner to resolve. Send me a PM with exactly what you are trying to do and I’ll take a look at it again.


Hi @eli

I’m having this issue too. Did you ever find a resolution?


Shouldn’t be an issue if you use the JSON to CSV action.

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