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I’m trying to create a button to export data to a CSV file.

The list of things I’m trying to export has other things in it, and what i get when I export the CSV is a list, but I get the child thing’s unique ID instead of one of it’s attributes. Is there a way to get the label that a human would understand?

In this case, “Flight leg” is a thing, which has an attribute “Aircraft.” Aircraft is a different thing which has it’s own attributes.

When I download the CSV of flight legs, aircraft is a column, but it is a column of multidigit unique IDs. What I’d rather have in that column is the Aircraft’s Tail number.

is there a way to do this?

In App data… choose primary fields. You can then set as needed.

That works fine if I export data from the app data page, but not when I try to do it as part of a workflow from one of the application pages.

Here’s what you see in the excel spreadsheet, even though primary field is “tail_number”

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Hi all! Were you able to fix this? I’m having the same problem: I’m printing a list of things, but they print the uniqueID, instead of (e.g.) the name of that thing, so it’s unreadable.


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