CSV upload error

I have a workflow which uploads a CSV to a Data Type in my project. The workflow is throwing an error regarding a mismatched column address which stops the workflow execution but the data is actually being uploaded to the Data Type table.
column Address ID does not match
I’m using a virtually identical workflow to upload a different CSV to a different Data Type with no problem.
Has anyone seen this before and perhaps have an explaination and/or a solution?

It’s saying your column header “Address ID” in your CSV file doesn’t match the exact name of your field in your thing type.

It might not be related to your issue but IMO the CSV importing needs a lot of work on Bubble’s end, they should support remapping certain columns to other columns, the ability to do lookups and match data that already exists, cough delete the arbitrary row limit, just let it hit our capacity more that we pay for cough, etc.

Thanks for the comments Tyler. I was aware of the requirement for the headers to match. In fact I used a copy/past to create the fields to make sure that was the case.
The strange part is that the import is not actually failing. The data IS imported into the table. Bubble throws the error AFTER it saves the CSV data to the data type and then halts execution of the workflow.
If anyone has any idea what is going on with this I’d appreciate the explaination.
In the meantime, i’ve scrapped everything and I’m starting over from scratch to see if that helps.

ok, just fyi i deleted the objects and workflows that i had in place. then i simply recreated exactly what i had before and now it’s working. very strange! clearly something on the bubble end is not stable.

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