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Google Places Plugin - Get current geo position

I’m trying to get a user’s current geographic position using the plugin. Have done all the Google console stuff, am using SSL, have API key set, etc. but am getting the following error:
Network location provider at ‘’ : Returned error code 400.

In the app, I’ve got a Group with the Data Source running a simple search on Google Places, like so:

Do I need to add a query? I have no errors in the Bubble app, thought the plugin just “knows” how to get current geographic position. And the error from Google is super generic…any help much appreciated!


It seems odd that the built in “current position” doesn’t work. How do you know is it is returning a 400 ?

Is your site SSL ?

Yes, it’s SSL. Screenshot in first post is from Debugger, showing the 400 from Google, with, as expected, a spectacularly unhelpful generic error.

That is rather unhelpful !

Does the native bubble location work ? Is this just the places plugin ?

Native works, but poorly. Was off by about 180 miles. Know getting geo-from-user-agent header in browser can be unreliable, so thought Google API approach might provide more precision. Oh well.

Is that a bubble issue ? Where does the device think it is ? You can spoof location in the Chrome Dev console I think.

Looks like not a Bubble issue. Bubble is faithfully reporting user-agent location according to Chrome, I suspect corporate firewall and proxy server is tripping up the browser. Thanks!