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Current page name has disappeared!?

Is it me or has “current page name” disappeared!? TIA.

I noticed you posted this within this past half hour, and I’m not sure if this helps as it could be construed as non related, but it seems any changes I’ve made in the past two hours (from simple navigation changes to updating repeating groups) are not flowing through to the source code. So if you changed the current page name or created a new page in the past two hours, it may show as blank. I’m not aware if Bubble has picked up on this issue but your post is the first that might be related I’m seeing here in the forum. Hoping others see this!

Thanks. My issue is unrelated to actual page name or any page data. The action “current page name” is simply missing from the Bubble dropdowns. I have pages that already use it and when I click on it, it just comes up blank. Workaround is to use “current page URL…” but seems odd that page name is gone.

That makes sense and understood; out of curiosity, try simply refreshing your browser to see if it shows up on the dropdown. My editor seems to be running back to normal now (i did submit an email to Bubble support), although I lost the changes I made over the past two hours…

I forgot to add: try refreshing the browser and a hard restart “control + alt + delete” if windows and similar if mac to stop your browsers background processes.

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