Current page user issue


When does bubble update a database result on a page?

My database got filled but the information that is stored in the database is not visible on my result page.


Are you confused about “Current User” versus a page of type “User”?


So I make a thing in the database, but when i want to show a result on the end of the form using a dynamic text while using “current page form user” (database name is form user). then the data that is showed is empty even the database is not.

@dennis1 have you tried using the Inspect tool in debugger mode? I would guess that on that page the Current Page User Form is empty, meaning you are on the page but it is not actually referencing the thing “User Form” you want. If done correctly, the URL should look something like [your-url]/user_form/12345678 where the numbers are the unique id of the User Form thing.

@tmuelle1 i know where the debugger & the inspect tool is, but i dont see the url.

this is my app.

If the page Type of Content is Form User, then it needs to reference an existing Form User thing. To test this, so you can see how it works, just create a test link on your page, then create a workflow to navigate to your index page, and in Data to Send “Do a search for Form User:first item”. This will show the first form user in your database on this page.

i dont know what you mean with the test link, but if i make a workflow when the page load go to index and do a search for the first item of form user, then indeed in the link i see the unique id of the first item.

and now?

@tmuelle1, @keith

please help me out.

So what i’m building is a form, people fill in the public available form. When the user clicks on the submit button his information is saved, there is an external workflow started that does an API call and the received information is stored to the previous made thing. so when all this happens, the
person the filled in the form will see a graph and a text. the text and the graph will used dynamic information from the thing that is created for this user. this all is done on the index page.

things i have done:

  • The page type is set to: form user (data base type name is form user)
  • Primary field: email
  • In my dynamic texts, I use: “Current page form user’s …” to get the required info out of the database
  • Privacy : no rules
  • No login required
  • Everything is on the index page
  • The database info gets filled correctly

When I do a preview, then the first input field is filled in as Lorem ipsum and
when using a dynamic search, the " current page form user’s first name" is indeed Lorem ipsum, but when i remove the lorem ipsum in the url and fill in the first name , then the “current page form user’s first name” is empty.

Hi @dennis1 after the user hits submit, the workflow would be to send the user to the same page (index) and the "data to send "would be the “form user” thing created. i checked out your app briefly and it looks like in your workflows you are doing that so i assume its working now?