Current page's thing not working on one page app (states))


so i use custom states to open and close pages. I am working on a one page app with custom states, i want to display Current page’s image, current page’s photo_title etc. But ofcourse with custom states this is not possible, how can i achieve this with custom states?

You need to point your argument at the element with the custom state, is that the parent group?

How do you mean exactly, i am quite new to this so i do not really understand what you mean @nickinbold

I have a home(index) with repeating groups, when you click on a image it has to open the photo with detailed info like title, price etc. I first worked with just seperate pages, but that is not that fast so i swtiched to one-page app. And know i have this problem.

This is the repeating group:

So the parent group needs to be setup to do the search on the thing that you want to display. By the sounds of it, you want the search criteria to = repeating groups custom state.

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