Custom States Help Requested

I can’t figure out how to get back to main group with selections once they are covered up by a group (i.e. 1). I need to show a group using a custom state and then be able to go back to main group and then back to “1” without interruption.
I have tried a combination of things I thought would work but it’s not sinking in…

Thanks in Advance,

EDIT: After more coffee I remembered > Refresh Page works. If someone has a better solution, please post.

You shouldn’t have to refresh the page. Let’s say you have three groups - group_main, group_A and group_B and a custom state on the page called ‘current_group’ which is empty by default.

You can set group_main to be visible only if current_group is empty, group_A to be visible when current_group is ‘A’ and so on. Then if you have buttons in group_main to go to groups A and B, you can have them set current_group to A and B respectively. Now in groups A and B, you might have a button to go back to group_main, and this button simply sets current_group to empty, which would display group_main.

Note: I have written the above without actually looking at you app, sorry, but hopefully it is helpful regardless. All the best.

Thanks for the input @louisadekoya

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