How to navigate users to other users profile

Little help here.:blush:
I am trying to allow one user to visit other users profile. How I did is that I made a repeating group which shows the list of all users.

I set up the repeating group like this.
Type of content - profile
Data source- search for profile
Type - profile

Then I added a textbox and made like this
Current cells profiles Creators name.

Then I added a work flow to this like
When the text is clicked- go to page profile
Data to send- current cells profiles creator

Also the type of content of my profile is USER

This is how done it. But when I click the user it is always showing the data of current user. Not showing the data of expected user. can you please help me out.


User 1 (P1) - gets access. User2 (P2) - gives access. The procedure for granting access - P2 has a list of users to whom it gives access. There is a mechanism for adding and removing from the list. The profile page is of the User data type. And all user data is fetched from the page data. When you go to this page, the user whose profile will be viewed is transmitted. When the page loads, you need to check if the current user is in the profile owner’s user list.

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Can you show me an example for this type of workflow. I didn’t understand it quite well, I am new to this platform. Thankyou for replying :slight_smile: