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Current Page User's Question + Linking to Profile URLs

Hello all,

My first question is about retrieving the current page user’s X and displaying in preview. When I set the page type to User and place a text to get Current Page User’s Display Name, it returns Lorem Ipsum… – how can I test to make sure it is pulling the right data? See video

I can’t get avatars to load either, see here

My follow up question is: Is there a tutorial or explanation on how to set up the URLs and linking of the “profile” page of users. For example if I have a repeating group pulling a list of users, how can I create a click event to navigate to “current cells users profile URL” or for example in the headers, linking to “current users profile url”.

One last and simple question; is it possible to set up an app to have the index show one page structure and design for guests and then a totally different structure for logged in users?

Like so:

Thanks in advance!

When you preview a page that has a defined content type by clicking the preview button in the Bubble editor, you’ll just load the page without any data, so you’ll see lorem ipsum etc…

To preview it properly (with actual data) you’ll need to load an actual User’s page by including either their unique ID or their Slug in the URL path.


As this particular page has User as a content type, you can also preview it for a specific User by clicking the Run As button next to that User in the App Data tab in your app.

To answer you second question, you just need to use a workflow action to navigate to the desired page, and have the data to send be the current cell’s User.

And for your third question, yes, you can do that using conditionals on the page (although it may be simpler to use two separate pages, and load them conditionally depending on whether a User is logged in or not).

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