Current user photo

Someone can help me with the current user?

The main problem is when i want to upload one photo from my pc the image not change, but when i change the image and login with social media the photo change it.

Somebody can help me?


You might just need to add to your Conditions “and this image uploader is not empty” or something like that. Essentially, you’re telling it to use the current user’s profile photo even if they upload a new photo to the uploader, so you need a Condition that handles what to do if the uploader isn’t empty.

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You’re missing the conditional when “all pictures are NOT empty”… What happens then?

I think you need to add the following: When user’s picture is not empty display current user’s picture.
You’ll also need additional conditional on what happens when User’s Picture is empty but both Google & Facebook are NOT empty.



Currently this was what I did however, it does not change.