Custom Confirm Emails

I know how to create a custom email and use the rich text editor, but what I can’t figure out is how I can customize the ‘confirm email’ template when a user signs up. I’d like to be able to send a custom HTML to confirm the new users email. I will be able to have emails that will be standard with all future emails. not just a plain txt email that bubble has now.

If I have to stick with the plain text email for now. is there a way to customize the from email? When a user signs up right now the reply address is ‘admin-no-[email protected]’ I’d like that to at least use my company email.



Are you on a paid plan and using a custom domain? as soon as you do this, the from will be from your domain.

Ok that makes sense. I was in my 30 day window which I don’t remember having this issue. but I just passed my 30 days a couple days ago. I’ll hopefully be getting the paid plan soon. Is there no way to do an HTML version of the confirmation email?


BBCode let’s you do a lot. Search the forum for more info.

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Great thanks! that all worked and figured it out. Last question though. the “Confirmation” link itself. Is there is no way to edit the style of that? I have this great looking welcome email now with a small left aligned “confimation” link

No, unfortunately no

I have a paid plan and a custom domain but I’m still sending emails from “admin-no-reply”. I am currently testing in Development mode however.

Will the custom domain email kick in only when I’m Live?

Have you set up your Sendgrid account yet?

I’m actually testing with the default confirmation feature from Bubble

Yeah, Bubble uses Sendgrid for custom email domains. I believe you have to have Sendgrid setup in order to use a custom email address. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but I’ve had to do this on every one of my apps.

Ah I see, thanks for the heads up.

I initially did not sign up for Sendgrid because I thought you had to pay right off the bat. I now see they have a free plan, which I can start of with

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It is know that the placement of the confirmation link within the email is not customizable. I was wondering if this is in the plans or if a workaround exists?

One way you could implement this is to have 2 entries in the Languages tab instead of one:
Currently you have: CORE - Confirmation Email Body

If you had this:
CORE - Confirmation Email Body (before confirmation link)
CORE - Confirmation Email Body (after confirmation link)

Then you could have the link placed in the middle of the 2 text blocks.

Please advice…

Jumping in here - what I’d really like is to have a dynamic confirmation link. In my case, I’d like the user to return to the page they were on when they signed up rather than go to the same page for all users. Since that isn’t possible, I may abandon the bubble confirmation process and have my own confirmed field on the user data type - like @romanmg mentioned here: Create custom email confirmation link

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