{HELP} How to customize the Email confirmation text?


Does anyone knows how i edit the default email confirmation template ?

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Ignore the “send confirmation email” check box - in the sign up workflow

Have this workflow sequence:

  1. Account > Sign the user up
  2. Email > Send Email > then fill out these fields yourself. You can create a custom subject line and message etc. - use “dynamic data” so that your email gets sent to the user who is signing up
    (because each user will have a different email).

Thank you. I did everything u told me it is good but how i can make a link in the email subject that confirms the account? i don’t see a way to do it

if you click the settings tab and go to language you can change the default text for Email confirmation subject, Email confirmation body, and others.


Thanks alot!

Can we include dynamic content is the body of the email please?

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@yanisbensalem you can do that in a different way. Use the mailchimp extended plugin to sign the user up via API from your Bubble Backend. This will allow you to pass the email and name like i do below. Then in mailchimp you can create merge fields in your customized and templates that are way cooler than what bubble can do. See everything you can pass here: https://developer.mailchimp.com/documentation/mailchimp/reference/overview/

  1. Create a mailchimp account and create a campaign that is triggered via an API call. Edit the campaign to send only one email and to send the email immediately when the API trigger happens.
    – Also create a list. Under settings of any given list you will find the important List ID for the bubble workflow.
  2. Install the mailchimp extended plugin and copy paste your Mailchimp API Key. Go to your Bubble workflow. I have this where the user types in their email:

Everytime a user signs up, I can send them a welcome mail. Or if someone completes a survey through my app i can send them a thank you email by using several different campaigns in mailchimp that send immediately. And it looks nice. If you are good at HTML and CSS you can knock yourself out as well.