Custom Content Based on User Preferences

I am creating an app where people will get daily content specific to their preferences.

Something along the lines of a workout app where someone can specify what their goals are, what areas they want to focus on, what equipment they have available, etc., and then see a daily workout that specifically meets their requirements.

The basic user flow will be:
A user creates an account → fills in a questionnaire with checkboxes selecting their preferences → on the user’s dashboard, they will see content that is specific to their preferences.

I am having trouble structurally setting this up and hoping someone can walk me through the process.

Here’s what I have done so far:

Created These Databases:
A database for each preference type (goals, focus area, equipment etc)

I have created a page for backend workout creation which includes checkboxes for all the possible preferences. This means that when I am uploading a workout I can select what preferences apply. (For example - back exercises + using dumbbells - so this workout will show for users who have selected that they want to improve back strength and have dumbbells available).

I have also created a basic questionnaire that links back to each preference database and connects it with a user. So when a current user fills in the checkboxes for their “goals” it saves their answers to the “goals” database.

Now, where I am getting stuck is… how do I connect the answers a user has provided in the questionnaire to the workouts they are actually seeing in their dashboard?

I understand that there are probably a few steps I am missing but I’m not sure how to get all the databases to talk to each other to spill out the right information.

You can use a repeating group since goals are saved as answers in a questionnaire under data type workouts , then you can just do a search for workouts [ add constraint goals= input value entered. [data source]
Type of content of RG = workouts

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Thank you for responding!

Ok, so on the user’s dashboard, I will have a RG and add the constraints of user preferences. I think I get that part. But I’m still stuck so maybe you can clarify this a bit further for me.

The user preferences are collected and stored like this:
The user goes through a questionnaire and marks the checkboxes that apply to them. Those ‘yes’ checkboxes are stored under a database labeled ‘preferences’ where each item that has been clicked is marked as ‘yes’ in the database under the title of the item selected, and these answers are linked to each user.

The workouts are created and stored like this:
I have a backend workout creation page that is linked to the database ‘workout’. This workout creation page has text inputs for descriptors, titles etc. and also has checkboxes for all the things that apply to that particular workout. These marked checkboxes are stored in the workout database as ‘yes’ under the items that apply (the items are the same as the user preference options).

So for example, a workout is entered through the workout creation page, and the checkboxes for ‘leg workout’, ‘beginners’, and ‘dumbbells’ have been selected.

What I want is that a user who has check-marked ‘leg workout’, ‘beginners’, and ‘dumbbells’ in their preferences to be shown this workout on their dashboard.

While I understand that this is done by a RG on the user dashboard with search constraints I am stuck on the following:

How do I link the checkbox selections on a user quiz with the checkbox selections on the workout creation?

I hope that makes sense. I know there is a way to do it but I just don’t get it yet.