Custom Domain Not Connecting (Over 4 days)

Our Bubble web app is not connecting to our domain properly. We’ve already contacted support and they’ve essentially offered no meaningful assistance on this yet and we’re losing customers as a result of a DNS issue.

Our DNS is setup in the following way on NameCheap:

Our Bubble Interface is showing this error:

Our Website itself is showing this error with an issue with our HTTPs:

If anyone has any insights into this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Bubble support has been pretty non-responsive on it.


Did you look over there ?

I have the exact same problem (I used GoDaddy for my domain name). Could you let me know if your issue is resolved - and let me know how? I’ll do the same for you.

I’ve seen this but only during propagation. After 4 days though you shouldn’t have this issue.

Do you have any additional A records,CNAME, or name server records on the domain that could be interfering?

It ended up fixing itself today after a few days. Seems to be an issue on Cloudflares front with validating the SSL certificates of domains.

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