Custom domain set up

hello bubblers!
I have registerd a custom domain and updated my app to personal plan. I need some quick tips to help me set up my custom domain. Does my app have to be live to set up the custom domain?

Hi @eddieatuha - have you seen this:

let me take alook, thanks

not as easy as it seems, a step by step guide would be helpful at this moment.

You just need to order a domain, if I am allowed I will recommend and
Once you own the domain, keep the NS on their default, and just edit the namezone and add/modify A record to match that IP address for both blank and www record.
It’s pretty straight forward and then you can check it on
Hope this helps you a bit.

got from name cheap! thanks

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i set up the A records but cant setup email and ssL yet what could be the problem? my app is online already

well this is outside bubble ‘tech support’.
for email you need to setup MX records as for SSL, it’s automatically enabled on bubble.

please take a look at my records and advise why, Bubble isn’t able to verify my A records till now.
First time am doin this

kind of thing… must be missing something

Try removing the bottom 2 records.

You mean CNAME and URL redirect?

Namecheap and the one below it.

okay done that. Will revert in a while

Please can somebody show me hoe to get to the second screen. or is that opened somewhere else.

Check out the link @nikolai posted above:

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Hi, when I try to set the custom domain name I am asked for a Google maps key. I am not using this. Thanks for your help.

Hi all. Several of the images from the page posted by @nikolai above are broken (please see attached). Does anyone happen to have a screenshot of what the settings are supposed to look like?

Hi! I followed the steps and it doesn’t work…

Can someone Help me?


Hey there @invoportmarketing,

Which registrar are you using?