Custom Event in API Endpoints "undefined is not a function"

I get this error message in my logs “undefined is not a function”, without any error from the Issue Checker. Does someone know what it means ?

and the Endpoint’s workflow is very simple :

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I sent a bug report.
No one else have seen actions in Custom Event triggered from Endpoints stop working ?

I have the same issue, triggering custom events from an endpoint. I have reported to Bubble.

Same issue happening here. Stops the api workflows that are running, both in development and production versions of our app.

Yes - same behaviour spotted here. Custom Event triggering not working within an Endpoint workflow.
I found the below which made me wonder if I ever had them working. Have others had this working until recently?

Thanks for the bug reports. We are reviewing the issue and will send you an update soon.


It used to work. This morning I updated our dedicated server and all of sudden errors were showing up for all our users

Do you have an alert, when one error suddenly pops up in differents apps ?

Yes we have tracking tools, though reports are always better as then we have a reliable way to reproduce

hi @neerja - what was the outcome here? Thanks

The bug was fixed same day. Email support if you are still facing issues.

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Great - thanks for the update.

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