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Custom event not evaluating custom states when triggered by "is clicked" workflow. Works fine with "do every Nth seconds"


Sorry you’re experiencing an unexpected behavior. The general rule with the Bug category is as follow:

  1. If you’re not sure it’s a bug, and want confirmation from the community, please go ahead and post here

Expected behavior:
Custom event triggered by a click should evaluate conditions and run.

Current behavior:
Custom event triggered by a click does not evaluate conditions from the page’s custom states. These evaluate to “empty”, as reported by the workflow debugger.

However! The custom event does evaluate and run as expected when initiated from a “do every Nth seconds”.

Here’s a screenshot comp. that sums it up:

You can get it to work by choosing the value to be carausel's # + 1 instead of This Page's # + 1.

I agree it looks like a bug, with how the custom event reads “This Page”.

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