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Trigger multiple custom events in one workflow

so, maybe I’ve done something odd, but I think this behavior looks weird.

I have a button with a workflow that calls a few custom events. Each time the button is pressed an internal variable in the database gets toggled from VISIBLE = yes to VISIBLE = no and vice versa.

Based on the value in the database, the text box is toggled on/off.

However, as I have it set up now, pushing the button will toggle the db value, but will not trigger the correct custom event (only triggers the first of two custom events).

any help would be appreciated.

you can find the app here (can this be seen/modified by the community? I’m kinda noob):

Yes I think you have found a bug.

Can you try a similar thing using custom states, and see if the bug is related to the time it takes to retrieve the database value?

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yep, same behavior with custom states.

I’ll submit this as a bug

This is an issue I’ve encountered once before. The first trigger succeeds and the second fails. Even if you swap the order of the two, it’s always the first that succeeds and the second that fails.

This should be fixed now.

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