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Javascript developpment

Hi all,

First of all, a big thanks and congratulation to the Bubble team, your app is awesome !!

I just have a question : I can read everywhere that it is possible to add our own javascript in our app, but I can’t find how to do that (even with Blockspring). Can someone explain how to do that ?

Thanks a lot,



So blockspring is currently the way to go. You write a custom block in JS, and have it as an action or a data source and it’ll do what you define there.

If that’s limited, get in touch, and we can talk about adding a plugin with your code, but generally, Blockspring is enough for most use cases.


Thanks for your reply.

In fact, I’d like to add a customiz date picker (change the css), but I can’t find the way to do it in Bubble, that’s why I wanted to add a JS one.

Is it possible ?


So that one isn’t possible. But to change the CSS, you should be able to do a ton with the current Property editor. Have you tried?

Yes ! But the changes are limited, and we cannot for example desactivate few dates if they are already booked. Do you have a way to do that ?

Edit : I cannot find how to customize the calendar of the Date picker. I only can customize the input, right ?

Yes we don’t offer these features yet. But we do have ways to restrict dates for instance. If you hit such limits, let us know first before trying to get into JS. Usually, you can find a way to do it in Bubble, and if you can’t the forum is where you request a fix and we try to do it.

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All right, got it :wink: Do you know when this features is planned for ?

And about the design of the calendar, is there a way to change it ? To make it like AirBnb for example …

Which features? We need a bit more details there.

We don’t support redesigning the calendar yet. Why don’t you start with this and we’ll see what we can do when you’re closer to going live?

I mean the possibility to customize the calendar (design), and to be able to disable some date when they are already booked !!

Yes, I will start with this and see later :wink: Thanks !

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